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Special Wedding and fashion for the World.


Thank you for coming!

Hearty Market is like a department store of Wedding and Fashion

in the internet for the world.

Hearty Market Special Service

Services of Hearty Market


-Tailor made of dresses and tuxedo.

How do you think about only your Wedding dresses and tuxedos?

Hearty Wedding

-Only your original Fashion, 

-Own brand goods etc.


Only 1 ~ 10,000 or 20,000 goods order you can.

​Version. F

-Tailor made of special Kimono


-Rental Special Kimono

You can't  wear Special Kimono anywhere else.


About Hearty Market 

More Hearty Market

Japanese designer, Lily started Hearty Market. 

Hearty Market aim for highest quality service about every clothes.

For example, silk dress using real pearls and diamonds, using gold ties.

Kimono is made by craftsmen in Kyoto.

A memory is not exchanged with money!

If you want to know more or order, please contact us.

​Business Partnership

Partner company of Hearty Market


She is a Photographer in Kyoto. Lecturer of JPIO. You can keep it as special memories.

Past projects

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